What We Do

Our coalition brings together health system professionals, community-based professionals and organizations, and concerned people to collaboratively: 

  • Create and facilitate space for expanded conversations about the disconnect between Latina communities systematically excluded from healthcare networks, and the existing health system, to identify gaps in health care access, information and barriers. 
  • Assess alignment of community needs and the available health resources in partnership with grassroots organizations, health system representatives, and payors. 
  • Advocate for changes in health system policies to advance efforts to align care delivery models to include communities in need.

Areas of Focus

  • COVID-19 Outreach and Education
  • COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination
  • Food Insecurity
  • Health Advocacy
  • Housing
  • Legal Issues and Immigration
  • Training and Education — COVID-19, Stress, and Resilience

Weekly Meetings

We seek sustainable solutions to health equity through collective leadership, trusting collaborative partnerships and alliances, a platform that honors all voices, engaging historically marginalized communities, and recognizing and amplifying the strength of the Latina community. Our weekly virtual meetings are open to the public and feature an interdisciplinary team of community members, organizers, healthcare providers, advocates and researchers. Latina leaders in the health system, Duke university leaders, allies, local government, community leaders, grassroots organizations and concerned individuals do short presentations, discuss challenges, needs, and opportunities, and propose changes in systems and policies for the benefit of la comunidad latina, the improvement of health, and the promotion of health equity. Participants collaborate across county, state and national boarders to learn from each other, model each other’s best practices and act as a network.

Meetings are held Wednesdays at 12 p.m. ET

View the archive of our weekly newsletter and meeting notes to see announcements and topics discussed.  

Our Impact

Since March 2020, LATIN-19 has served a critical role in advising and promoting Latinx community interests. We have a collaborated with a variety of organizations including: The Duke Pandemic Response Network; North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ Historically Marginalized Population Taskforce; North Carolina Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health Equity Task Force; Durham Recovery and Renewal Taskforce; and the Duke Quality of Care Committee. 

Our work has received recognition on both the local and global stage from a variety of media outlets. In 2020, LATIN-19 gave presentations at the American Academy Of Family Physicians Global Health Summit and to the American Academy of Pediatrics, and received the 2020 NC Latino Diamante Health and Science Community Award.

Advocacy With Key Stakeholders

Advocacy efforts have included work with:

  • County health departments and state government to publish race and ethnicity data for COVID-19
  • State health department to produce and guide COVID-19 related content in Spanish
  • State government officials through letters and direct dialogue regarding policy change ranging from more testing sites to better protections for meatpacking and poultry plant workers
  • Community health centers and health departments to facilitate access by Latinx communities to testing sites by direct referral from contact tracing and to respiratory care centers when needed
  • Task forces and committees focused on COVID-19 response, health equity, and needs of immigrant and refugee communities 

Multilingual COVID-19 Resources

We have engaged in broad dissemination of information on COVID-19 prevention and services, developing and sharing culturally appropriate essential information in Spanish and English to community networks through the weekly meeting space, physical handouts, email, social media, local radio stations and provides regular updates throughout the pandemic. 

Collaboration and Capacity-Building with Member Organizations

A key component of our work is to facilitate synergies and collaborations among LATIN-19 member organizations. We have created space for organizations previously operating in parallel to network to share resources and information, identify shared interests and priorities, and develop strategic advocacy plans to make change. 

Our team also assists member organizations in building internal capacity by providing virtual and in-person trainings. Examples include training for community health workers and other staff from community organizations including La Semilla and El Centro Hispano on COVID-19 prevention and safety and provided assistance navigating the rapidly changing landscape of COVID-19 response resources