LATIN-19 embraces research as a valuable tool to generate new knowledge on the health and well-being of the Latina community and to inform positive change. We support research that aligns with our values and mission

Research Values

Our research values build upon the principles of community engaged research (Cyril et al., 2015), including:

  • Early and frequent engagement with the community — Contributing to community efforts well before an ask
  • Ensuring the benefits outweigh the risk — Optimizing immediate benefit to the community
  • Strengths-based approaches — Leveraging cultural and community strengths
  • Mutually beneficial relationships — Outlining equity in the benefits for both the community and the academic stakeholders
  • Bi-directional learning — Delineating ways community and academic partners will learn and build skills together and from one another 
  • Including the voice and agency of the community — Ensuring the community’s priorities inform the area of study and respect the manner they would like to be included as full partners in the research 
  • Real power sharing between stakeholders — Prioritizing shared decision making and shared resources

Research Committee

The LATIN-19 research committee contributes to the mission of the organization by:

  • Providing guidance to both researchers and communities interested in meaningful and equitable engagement with the Latina community
  • Identifying priorities for research in the Latina community
  • Partnering on research endeavors
  • Leading research studies addressing health and health equity in the Latina community

Research Studies

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